frequency spectrum

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fre·quen·cy spec·trum

the range of frequencies in a signal, used to describe the resolving power of an imaging system in radiology.
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"Our new product thus increases the assertiveness of aircraft and helicopters and their survivability, especially in view of the increasingly dense signal spectrum and the growing threat posed by highly integrated air defence systems," Pelaz added.
Section 3 examines the signal spectrum based on the optimal detection criterion for a specific Doppler, and the waveform design algorithm is discussed.
Xie, "Impact of blasting parameters on vibration signal spectrum: determination and statistical evidence," Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, vol.
To do this, the platform is brought into deliberately uneven rotation straight before the measurements (Figure 8, the velocity profile according to the readings of the encoder), and the coefficient k is measured as the ratio of the signal spectra of the molecular-electronic angular motion sensor (Figure 9, blue curve) to the signal spectrum of the encoder signal derivative (Figure 9, red curve).
Since there are only a few basic atoms in a note signal spectrum, the note-specific atom is sparse.
The Hilbert transform can be viewed as a filter of unity amplitude and phase [+ or -] 90[degrees] depending on the sign of the frequency of input signal spectrum. The real signal [I.sup.[lambda].sub.m] and its Hilbert transform [h.sup.[lambda].sub.m] can form a complex signal, called the analytical signal:
Where [S.sub.sensor](f) : the signal spectrum, M(f): the sensitivity function and [](f) : the spectrum of the simulated signal retrieved from the surface representing the sensor's sole at the sensor position.
In this work properly defined DVB-T and LTE signal spectrum masks (Fig.
Spread spectrum technology is to expand the basic useful signal spectrum, narrow band into broadband, reduce its spectral density.
Instead, each manufacturer making these scopes has figured out how to split the input signal spectrum into pieces small enough to handle with existing IC technology.