Ernst, German physician and psychiatrist, 1857-1931.
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12) In addition to those critics whose work I discuss in the text and footnotes of this article, I am thinking, for instance, of essays on What We All Long For by Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida, who is based in Brazil, and Winfried Siemerling, whose attention, offered in an article written from Ontario, to the ways Brand's work articulates a " 'felt' " local geography of Black Toronto (109) shares something with my discussion of the Paramount passages in What We All Long For.
As Winfried Siemerling notes, "The novel defamiliarizes habitual perceptions of Toronto by superimposing a reconstructed and imagined new world.
In Ondaatje's novel, one character, Nichols Temelcoff is based on the Macedonian immigrant by the same name who died on September 12,1988 (Petroff, Lillian, Diss, 10-11 as qtd by Siemerling, par 5).
Conforming to what Winfried Siemerling describes as a new trend of "North American perspectives that cross both national and linguistic boundaries" (13), both novels attest to a shared fate with the United States: They portray the attacks on New York as attacks on Montreal, and 9/11 as an assault on their own traditions and values.
Sensible a ces propos qui traversent les disciplines, que l'on soit en sociologie, en histoire ou en litterature, et s'inscrivant lui-meme dans ce demier champ, Winfried Siemerling livre sa propre contribution au debat dans cet ouvrage riche et dense.
There he worked alongside his assistants Moehli, Oppenheim, Wallenberg, Thompson and Siemerling, which led to successful collaborations over many years.
Indeed, as Siemerling points out, Canadian cultural production--including literary production--is still marginalized in many contexts, and the longstanding need for advocacy continues.
It was important for Witex USA to establish its financial independence while maintaining a strong relationship with the manufacturing expertise of Witex AG in Germany," said Hartwig Siemerling, president and chief executive officer of Witex USA, in a statement.
Ajay Heble and Winfried Siemerling collaboratively produce a chapter on their ongoing Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice project, a project that focuses particularly on how improvisation--often within the context of jazz--impacts cultural practice.
Winfried Siemerling also charts the political ramifications of equalizing ethnic claims within Quebec (1995, 12), and Linda Hutcheon's introduction to Other Solitudes underscores how the unification of all ethnics under the same banner erases specific political claims of certain groups (1990, 15).
Taking over the leadership of the company is Hartwig Siemerling, formerly chief operations officer, who has been with the company for seven years.
26) Siemerling observes something of the same in In the Skin of a Lion: "The juxtapositions and mutual framings of moments normally perceived as isolated in time .