Ferdinand, German pediatrician, 1865-1946. See: Siegert sign.
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In cooperation with MFPA Weimar and Siegert TFT GmbH, the company is currently developing an 8,000 bar pulse test stand for fatigue strength and material testing of injection components, which will ensure more energy-efficient processes in the future.
"A different kind of music was called for, music in praise of the state and its rulers," explains Christine Siegert, head of the archive and publishing house of the Beethoven House in Bonn.
To state that 2 C is a no-return threshold "is new," said Martin Siegert, co-director of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, who was not involved in the study.
The two sat down with architect Dave Siegert of Osborn Siegert Architecture in Santa Rosa, Calif., to sketch the layout and functionality of their ideal winery and tasting room.
The speaker suggested the notion of cultural techniques (Siegert 2013, Winthrop-Young 2013) for bringing together discussions on materiality, practices as well as signs and text into the historical analysis of software.
Chronicle of the Murdered House is translated from the Portuguese language by Margaret Jull Costa and Robin Patterson, while Extracting the Stone of Madness is translated from the Spanish language by Yvette Siegert.
Juan Villoro and Yvette Siegert (translator); THE REEF; George Braziller (Fiction: Translations) 17.95 ISBN: 9780807600214
Bernhard Siegert argues that, "when we speak of cultural techniques, therefore, we envisage a more or less complex actor network that comprises technological objects as well as the operative chains they are part of and that configure or constitute them" (2013, p.
Professor Martin Siegert, co-director of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, said: "The evidence is painting a picture of East Antarctica being much more vulnerable to a warming environment than we thought.
Whereas Harold Cook has been analyzing the Dutch experience to study the connections between the rise of global commerce and the development of a global science, German media historians Wolfgang Schaffner and Bernhard Siegert have proposed to look at the Casa de Contratacion (established in Seville in 1503) and the Council of the Indies (1520) as two of the institutions connected with the emergence of modern knowledge and the reliable gathering of experience and data.
To mark his daughter's wedding a few years ago, Charles Frazee presented the most creative of gifts: an autobiography describing his family's beginnings in small-town Rushville, Ind., his own "heady days" in Rome during the Second Vatican Council, and later adventures teaching and traveling with his wife, Kathleen Siegert, and their two children around the world.