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Sidney, U.S. pediatric pathologist, 1903-1973.
Farber disease - a form of mucolipidosis, developing soon after birth because of deficiency of ceramidase. Synonym(s): disseminated lipogranulomatosis; Farber syndrome
Farber syndrome - Synonym(s): Farber disease
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Sidney Farber is also to be credited with engaging the public with the "Jimmy Fund,'' a brilliant idea paralleled in American medical history only by the "March of Dimes'' for polio research.
Sidney Farber -- widely acclaimed as the father of chemotherapy -- emerges as a central character in the book.
Mukherjee also highlights many of the unsung heroes in the cancer fight, including Sidney Farber, the pediatric pathologist who invented modern chemotherapy, and Mary Lasker, the New England socialite who lobbied tirelessly for cancer funding.
Scientific optimism after the Second World War led a leading American oncologist, Sidney Farber, to talk in 1962 of the underlying "singularity" of cancer, and to postulate a "universal cure",.