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Herbal derived from Lycopus virginicus, used in various forms; mild astringent and narcotic, used in treatment of Graves disease; some clinical studies have been completed.
Synonym(s): carpenter's herb, gypsy weed, menta de lobo, sicklewort.


A perennial herb of the genus Lycopus, principally found in moist habitats in Europe and North America. It is used mainly in homeopathic remedies for cardiac and thyroid disorders. It contains cardiac glycosides and iodine.


n Latin names:
Lycopus virginicus, Lycopus europaeus; parts used: buds, leaves, roots, stems; uses: astringent, analgesic, fever, Graves' disease, mastodynia, tachycardia, mild hyperthyroidism; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with thyroid growths, hypopituitarism, pituitary adenoma, hypogonadism, heart disease; can cause hypothyroidism. Also called
carpenter's herb, common bugle, Egyptian's herb, farasyon maiy, gypsy-weed, gypsy-wort, lycopi herba, menta de lobo, middle comfrey, Paul's betony, sicklewort, su ferasyunu, water bugle, or
water horehound.