suprapleural membrane

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su·pra·pleu·ral mem·brane

the thickened portion of endothoracic fascia extending over the cupola of the pleura and reinforcing it; it attaches to the inner border of the first rib and to the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra.
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Francis, English anatomist, 1814-1876.
Sibson aortic vestibule - the anterosuperior portion of the left ventricle of the heart immediately below the aortic orifice. Synonym(s): aortic vestibule
Sibson aponeurosis - Synonym(s): suprapleural membrane
Sibson fascia - Synonym(s): suprapleural membrane
Sibson groove - a groove occasionally seen on the outer side of the thorax, formed by the prominent lower border of the pectoralis major muscle.
Sibson muscle - an occasional independent muscular fasciculus between the scalenus anterior and medius and having the same action and innervation. Synonym(s): scalenus minimus muscle
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The apex of the lung is usually retained within the thorax by the muscles of the thoracic inlet, Sibson fascia, and the parietal pleura.
Sibson fascia arises from the transverse process of the C7 vertebra and inserts along the inner border and costal cartilage of the first rib.
It is here that apical lung hernias occur, caused by either weakening or rupture of Sibson fascia. (9)