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an agent that stimulates the flow of saliva.


A medication given to increase the flow of saliva.
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, sialogogue (sī-al'ă-gog, -ŏ-gog)
1. Promoting saliva flow.
2. Agent having this action (e.g., anticholinesterase agents).
[sial- + G. agōgos, drawing forth]
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Other treatment modalities include use of sialogogues to increase salivary flow, encouragement of fluid intake, massage, and duct probing and dilation.
The management of patients with salivary gland dysfunction requires enough stimulation of the residual gland function with sialogogues or, in severe cases, use of artificial saliva (3).
Medical treatments include sialogogues, such as pilocarpine hydrochloride tablets, and cevimeline.
The patient must be well hydrated and the clinician must apply moist warm heat and massage the gland, while sialogogues are used to promote saliva production and flush the stone out of the duct.
Strategies to help alleviate xerostomia include using saliva substitutes and sialogogues, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine consumption.