Sia, R.H.P.

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R.H.P., U.S. physician, 1895-1970.
Sia test - for macroglobulins.
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It appears that addition of our patient's serum to the aqueous diluent or the enzyme reagent caused precipitation of his IgM monoclonal paraprotein in a manner akin to the Sia test.
They then recognized that the charge and concentration of the monoclonal component influenced whether the Sia test was positive.
The Sia test (Sia euglobulin precipitation test) was first described more than three-quarters of a century ago for evaluation of the euglobulin fraction in certain infectious diseases [1].
Although the Sia test is now largely thought of as being of only historical interest, these cases reveal the utility of understanding such "obsolete" tests and how they may be applied to the modern era of automated chemistry.
Immunochemical and physical studies of the Sia test.