Shwartzman, Gregory

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Gregory, Russian bacteriologist in U.S., 1896-1965.
generalized Shwartzman phenomenon - death occurs in an animal that has been injected with a primary injection of endotoxin-containing filtrate and secondary injection given intravenously 24 hours apart. Synonym(s): Sanarelli phenomenon; Sanarelli-Shwartzman phenomenon
Sanarelli-Shwartzman phenomenon - Synonym(s): generalized Shwartzman phenomenon
Shwartzman phenomenon - a rabbit injected intradermally with a small quantity of endotoxin followed by a second intravenous injection 24 hours later will develop a hemorrhagic and necrotic lesion at the site of the first injection. Synonym(s): Shwartzman reaction
Shwartzman reaction - Synonym(s): Shwartzman phenomenon
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