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Association of a generalized Shwartzman reaction after a dog bite was first reported in 1970, when Capnocytophaga canimorsus was still unrecognized as a significant pathogen in dog bites.
Pulcini, despite his fourth place behind the Russian Robert Shwartzman, was obliged to leave the title to his opponent.
Session 5 saw Ahmed, Norris and Kari make the top three, while Session 6 had Daruvala, Bale and Robert Shwartzman as the top three.
P-selectin-deficient mice were reported to exhibit a prolonged bleeding time and defects in hemostasis in a local Shwartzman reaction (36).
Set to start behind Ahmed in Pre-Final 1 are Jehan Daruala of India, who took seven points in yesterday's Qualifying Heats, Robert Shwartzman of Russia (15pts) and Daniel Ticktum (17pts) of Great Britain.
Rounding out the top 10 was Russian Robert Shwartzman, Pulcini, Finnish Niko Kari, the UK's Enm Ahmed, Belgian Benjamin Lessennes, Briton Daniel Ticktum and Lorenzo Travisanutto.