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Lawrence E., 20th-century U.S. rheumatologist. See: Shulman syndrome.
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Bell's notes were excruciatingly detailed and methodical, writes Shulman, and nowhere prior to the entry on March 8, 1876, did Bell make any reference to any liquid transmitter.
Spiritual awakening teacher Jason Shulman presents The Instruction Manual for Receiving God, a spiritual self-help guide that focuses upon making oneself available to receive the presence of God, rather than seeking God.
That is exactly what investigative journalist Seth Shulman does in Undermining Science, Suppression and Distortion in the Bush Administration (University of California Press, $24.
Shulman, an endocrinologist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Yale University School of Medicine.
Senior UCLA economist David Shulman, who wrote the national outlook, said in some parts of the country the real estate sector may slip into recession, but it won't drag the rest of the economy with it.
Shulman is Assistant Professor in Environmental Science and Policy who will be in Information Sciences and Public Administration and a Senior Research Associate in the University of Pittsburgh in fall 2004.
Kabbalistic healing: A Path To An Awakened Soul by and modern kabbalist Jason Shulman (a recognized teacher in the Buddhist lineage of Shaka Kendo Rich Art, Abbot of the Clear Mountain Center and a faculty member of The New York Open Center, Esalen Institute, and Omega Institute) describes the ultimate healing possible for the human soul through an awakening of one true nature.
In his characteristically certain manner,Milton Shulman informed the editor of Londoner's Diary that Bormann was dead.
Shulman Company is a broker and processor of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals and scrap paper and operates an industrial refuse removal and container service.
Harry Shulman, "Opinion A-122: Assault on Fellow Employee," July 5, 1944, Box 137, UAW Region 1 Collection, ALHUA.
Shulman offers extended analyses of works by Meridel LeSueur, Josephine Herbst.
Shulman, associate professor of medicine and researcher of cardiovascular disease, Emory University School of Medicine, is an author and humanist involved deeply in activities that promote harmony and cooperation among people.