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shu (sōō),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the five transporting acupuncture points that originate in the tip of the four limbs and continue all the way to the elbows or knees.
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A full 2,201 people currently serving indeterminate SHU terms are validated as associates of that gang; there are only 98 validated members.
Despite these achievements, I believe Shu Capital now needs a different skill set that will help the firm achieve its next phase of growth.
I lightly rolled the bun around the bottom of the hair and then pulled pieces loose and applied Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer, pounds 16.
And Shu says this exactly matches real observations by astronomers.
Wang Jian patronized the Buddhist monks and Daoist priests to establish his legitimacy during his transition from provincial governor to an imperial emperor, while the religious elite, represented by Daoist priest Du Guangting and Buddhist master Guanxiu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (832-912), deemed participation in the relatively safe Shu state the most practical way to survive the chaotic early tenth century, and both actively contributed to the Shu ruler's legitimation.
I always suggest interested companies or newcomers in the EV industry to first consider two major factors: replacement and creating new values," Shu says with impartiality expected of an industry veteran.
In China, the most important part of the wedding ceremony is the banquet and Terry and Shu Ying are planning theirs next year.
Hou establishes a surprisingly Wongish vibe, with the patterned glamour of Shu Qi's retro outfits, those Bakelite-looking pool balls, and the pop nostalgia of a music track that switch hits between "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by the Platters and a persistently repeated "Rain and Tears" by Aphrodite's Child (a Baroque-pop classic improbably based on Pachelbel's Canon that will surely lodge in your brainpan, if not your iPod, after its second insidious iteration).
It's a real trend," declared Sylvie Vergely, director of business development at L'Oreal-owned Shu Uemera, which opened the Shu Uemera Tokyo Lash Bar at Galeries Lafayette department store in June.
Yong Shu, vice president of Asia Pacific region for Riverstone Networks, which provides network management equipment to carriers, service providers and cable companies, offered a dire warning to companies that don't appreciate the importance of new partnerships.
In a 26-page order issued Wednesday, Olongapo RTC Judge Raymond Viray denied the petition for bail filed by Win Fai Lo, Shu Fook Leung, Kam Wah Kwok and Kwok Tung Chan.