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Henry J., English anatomist, 1761-1841. See: Shrapnell membrane.
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Curwood's sister Rachel, in the flat at the time Mr Shrapnell was stabbed, became hysterical and was in such despair she contemplated killing herself, placing a knife to her own throat.
xxx HOCKTON (Bates) Joan Sadly missed, love always mum, daughter Sue xxx SHRAPNELL Dianne The angels came and took you away and now a tear I shed every day.
Darren Curwood, 36, of Station Road, Llanelli, inflicted 11 wounds on Richard Shrapnell, also 36, at his flat in Tye Elizabeth near the town's centre in March.
The dismissal of those business leaders urging support for the "Britain in Europe" campaign as "fat cats" by your correspondent Mick Shrapnell (Post, Aug 19) was reminiscent of those claims made by the militant left in the 1970s and 1980s that the European Community was nothing but a "rich man's club".
Tel 024 7631 4823 SHRAPNELL Jean Formally of Bartons Meadow, Stoke Heath, Coventry and recently of Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire.