Shouldice, Edward Earl

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Edward Earl, Canadian surgeon, 1890-1965.
Shouldice repair - surgical repair of inguinal hernias using 4-layered imbricated repair of inguinal canal. Synonym(s): Canadian repair
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Although the guidelines recommended mesh-based repairs for all inguinal hernias, Shouldice repair was also named as the choice of non-mesh repair.
Larsson et al., "Randomized clinical trial comparing 5-year recurrence rate after laparoscopic versus Shouldice repair of primary inguinal hernia," British Journal of Surgery, vol.
The anterior approach includes the Lichtenstein repair, which is probably the most common repair done in the United States, as well as the Shouldice repair. Then, there is the preperitoneal approach, which started with the Stoppa repairs.
Only Shouldice repair is a well-known biological repair till date.
(15) conducted a recent prospective study on Shouldice repair on 775 patients.
Recent techniques Shouldice repair and Lichtenstein repair has not been considered, since retrospective data was a total dismal due to cost effectiveness and infrastructure available to us, at the moment.
In a randomized trial of Shouldice repair compared with darn, recurrence rates were similar; 4% for the Shouldice method and 1.8% for the darn.
The new lower edge of the upper flap is sutured to the original upper edge of the lower flap, above the spermatic cord--that is, the external oblique is closed similarly to the way it is closed in Bassini, McVay, and Shouldice repairs. However, it is the newly created lower edge of the upper flap that is being used, instead of its original upper edge; the original lower edge of the upper flap has previously been sutured to the inguinal ligament.
Equal results with laparoscopic and shouldice repairs of primary inguinal hernia in men.