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Having a consistency like pieces of bird-shot; consisting of small, firm, discrete nodules; said of lymph nodes palpated through the skin.
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Indeed, when they first found out about their Best Breakthrough nomination - competing with Manchester hopefuls such as IAMDDB, Shotty Horroh and No Hot Ashes - Fuzzy Sun didn't think they stood a chance of winning.
Which is fine for a competition shotty, but if you want to use this shotgun in a "tactical" setting, walking around with this thing slung across your body that lever will be digging into your chest.
On physical exam, he is noted to have shotty cervical lymphadenopathy and generalized innumerable skin-to-white papules, some of which are flat; the papules are worse on the extensor aspects of the extremities and less prominent on his chest and face.
THE SHOTTY TEAM THIS gang, the bulk of which are from Liverpool, dealt themselves and sold most of their drugs in the area of the Sidings Court home of member Stevie Holloway.
Here, as we sat in the car in the White Bear Gallery parking lot, was an extended chapter in the history of the American West: shotty real estate deals set up between unsuspecting naifs and desperate salespersons.
Syphilis presents with painless, indurated, clean genital ulcers and shotty lymphadenopathy.
Under the hashtag #PutinBombingSyria, social media is bringing slapstick memes, shotty photoshop jobs of Vladimir Putin's face on various different of bodies, digs on President Obama's 2013 'Red Line' convictions and harrowing reminders of what five years of war has looked like in Syria.
Systemic examination revealed shotty lymph nodes in the neck, axillae and groin.
The mass was abutting but not extending into the deep lobe, being most consistent with pleomorphic adenoma with shotty bilateral level 1 and 2 lymph nodes of subclinical size showing no evidence of cervical lymhadenpathy.
Little Gotti got the shotty to your body, so don't re-sist or you might miss Christmas: I tote guns, I make number runs, I give MCs the runs drippin', when I throw my clip in the AK, I slay from far away, everybody hit the d-e-c-k, my slow flow's remarkable, peace to Mateo, now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffed the yeyo, that's crazy blunts...
Shotty nodes typically have a viral aetiology and suppurant nodes may be fluctuant.
Examination also revealed an enlarged and tender right inguinal lymph node, and shotty, tender, left inguinal lymphadenopathy.