Shotgun Method

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Malpractice A strategy by a plaintiff’s legal team in a civil action involving multiple potential defendants, in which all possible parties are named in a shotgun-like manner
Medspeak A diagnostic philosophy, method or technique in which every conceivable parameter is measured, especially in a patient with an obscure disease, to detect rare conditions, that may cause a particular symptom
Molecular biology Shotgun sequencing
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In contrast to the HGP's method, in which the order of the BACs is known before they are each sequenced individually and then reassembled, the shotgun method involves cutting the DNA into small, random, overlapping pieces that are then sequenced and reassembled using a computer that compares all the pieces and matches the overlaps, thus assembling the whole genome.
This shotgun method really can't succeed in a buyer's market with competition as keen as it is.
The Creative Observer" explains Burroughs's adoption in the early '80s of the shotgun method of painting as an attempt to get at a simultaneity of event that writing, because of its sequential and intentional bases, couldn't accomplish.
The draft sequencing and assembly of the Fugu genome, announced last October, marked the first publicly released animal genome after the human sequence, and the first vertebrate genome publicly sequenced and assembled using the whole genome shotgun method.