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I have a short attention span," he noted, "so a newsletter seemed about the right size for me.
The bad news is that the public has a short attention span and, without the sustained presence of a highly visible advocate to champion early detection of hidden heart disease, complacency will return.
I am an actor - I don't produce, I don't direct, I have a very short attention span and progressed my career by listening to my intuition.
I always had a short attention span as well so as the game gets shorter it just seems to suit me better," Symonds added.
The problem with today's short attention span viewers is that .
They had to learn to sit with the book open to the children and to keep the reading session short as under-fours can have a short attention span.
Lawson's enthusiasm for dance is dampened only by the short attention span of today's audiences and the great expense of mounting a show.
PC Baptist said: "I have some sympathy for them because they're just kids and they have a short attention span.
This defect, named creatine transporter deficiency, is expressed in humans through severe speech and language impairment, short attention span, low IQ, and the inability to follow commands.
Sadly, the boys' short attention span began to wander during the three-course dinner.
But alas, she also turned out to have a very short attention span.