Shopping Addiction

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A spending disorder which is
(1) Poorly controlled
(2) Markedly distressful, time-consuming, and which results in familial, social, vocational, and/or financial difficulties
(3) Does not occur in the context of hypomanic or manic symptoms
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Shopping addiction typically starts in late adolescence and emerging adulthood, and it appears to decrease with age.
Jeff Kuntz, Executive Producer for My Shopping Addiction didn't hesitate to call upon AlphaDogs once again to complete the post-production finish on the series.
Similar to drug abuse, shopping addiction is highly ritualized and follows an addictive course where the individual is consumed by thinking and planning the next shopping trip, and engaging in the act of buying itself or returning purchases leads to pleasure and relief of negative feelings.
Explorando la relacion de la adiccion a la compra con otros comportamientos excesivos: Un estudio piloto [Exploring the relationship between shopping addiction and other excessive behaviours: a pilot study].
Those with shopping addictions tend to be women, yet a recent study showed that women were less reluctant to shop online.
People who run credit cards up to the limit often have a shopping addiction.
Dr Sue Eccles, consumer behaviour expert at Bournemouth University, was behind the first major UK study into shopping addiction.
David's fury at his wife's collapse back into shopping addiction is simultaneously cruel and wholly understandable.
District Judge Matthew Kennelly rules that a Chicago woman who stole nearly $250,000 from her employer to finance a shopping addiction suffered from "a diminished mental capacity" and thus deserves a lesser sentence.
Women and their shopping addiction may be the butt of some jokes, but for members of Hawaii's female-only investment clubs -- Ladies Investing Perhaps Speculating (LIPS), Women Investing in Stocks Properly (WISP), Stocky Broads, Trade Wins and numerous others -- shopping for stocks is a serious matter.