Shopping Addiction

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A spending disorder which is
(1) Poorly controlled
(2) Markedly distressful, time-consuming, and which results in familial, social, vocational, and/or financial difficulties
(3) Does not occur in the context of hypomanic or manic symptoms
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Has technological progress fuelled people's shopping addiction?
Shopping addiction typically starts in late adolescence and emerging adulthood, and it appears to decrease with age.
Jeff Kuntz, Executive Producer for My Shopping Addiction didn't hesitate to call upon AlphaDogs once again to complete the post-production finish on the series.
Although this concept has historical recognition, there is no clear consensus on the difference between normal shopping, occasional splurges and shopping addiction. Black and colleagues (2001) report that individuals with compulsive buying disorder are preoccupied with shopping and spending and typically spend hours each week engaged in these behaviors.
1 Face your shopping addiction demons and lay all your can't-wear-won't-wear splurges out on your bed next to your can't-live-without staples.
Again, their reasons vary--reducing waste, saving money, breaking a serious shopping addiction, lightening their ecological footprint, downshifting to spend less time at work and more with family....
Such is the case of pathological gambling (Parker, Taylor, Eastabrook, Schell & Wood, 2008), food addiction (Goodrick, 1999), video game addiction (Griffiths, 2008), shopping addiction (Garcia, 2007; Rodriguez-Villarino, Gonzalez-Lorenzo, Fernandez-Gonzalez & Lameiras-Fernandez, 2005), sex addiction (Sussman, 2007; Munoz-Rivas & Agustin, 2005) and cell phone addiction (Xu, Wu, Lan & Chen, 2008).
So we encounter shopping addiction, computer game addiction and sex addiction.
Though Confessions of a Shopaholic takes a light-hearted fictional poke at shopping addiction and debt, the plight of spend-happy Bloomwood is one that many can identify with.
Some seniors, as well as baby boomers, are afflicted with the shopping addiction, a compulsive urge to buy.
Dr Sue Eccles, consumer behaviour expert at Bournemouth University, was behind the first major UK study into shopping addiction.