Shope papilloma

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Shope pap·il·lo·ma

a papillomatous growth found in wild cottontail rabbits originally described by Shope that is caused by a virus in the family Papovaviridae and can be transferred to domestic rabbits in which it will cause similar growths. A high percentage of these growths may become malignant.


Richard E., U.S. pathologist, 1902-1966.
Shope fibroma - a connective tissue tumor of cottontail rabbits caused by a poxvirus of the genus Leporipoxvirus. Synonym(s): rabbit fibroma
Shope fibroma virus - a poxvirus of the genus Leporipoxvirus, closely related to vaccinia and myxoma viruses, that causes Shope fibroma. Synonym(s): rabbit fibroma virus
Shope papilloma - a papillomatous growth found in wild cottontail rabbits.
Shope papilloma virus - a papillomavirus infecting wild cottontail rabbits.


named after R. E. Shope, American virologist.

Shope fibroma
see Shope rabbit fibroma.
Shope papilloma
caused by a papilloma virus and manifested by gray to black, tall, thin, horny structures on the skin of wild rabbits. The lesions may be on the head, neck, shoulders, abdomen and inside the thighs. The disease is transmissible.