Shopping Addiction

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A spending disorder which is
(1) Poorly controlled
(2) Markedly distressful, time-consuming, and which results in familial, social, vocational, and/or financial difficulties
(3) Does not occur in the context of hypomanic or manic symptoms
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Fergie has also claimed to be suffering from shopaholism. The toe sucker, not the football manager, though you have to wonder about a man who paid pounds 7 million for Andy Cole.
Shopaholism, which experts have labelled a "nurturant" addiction, can go hand in hand with other obsessions in the same category, such as overeating.
Dr Robert Lefevre, director of the Promis Recovery Centre, says: "You often get people with a multitude of addictions and we often find that shopaholism, eating disorders and workaholics go hand in hand.
"Shopaholism" was first identified nearly a century ago by a German psychiatrist, but the number of sufferers has grown rapidly in the Western world during the last few decades.
SHOPAHOLISM - like drug addiction, alcoholism and bulimia - is a serious addiction.