Shoot the Breeze

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Drug slang A regional term for the use of nitrous oxide as an abuse agent
Vox populi To engage in conversation
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As the band prepared for the next date on their tour, we caught up with lead singer Shannen Byrne to shoot the breeze.
A bunch of us would get together regularly at the Abbotsford Bar in Edinburgh and just shoot the breeze.
The boys will be performing their new single, Shoot The Breeze, on The Book Show with Mariella Fostrup at the Hay-On-Wye Festival.
For example, as I walk through what was once my quiet hometown looking for a stationery shop, I stop and say hello to several people I know, people who, because of things like change that isn't given and post offices that don't sell envelopes, have the time to stand around (even in this hustling new city) and shoot the breeze.
He said: "It's nice to sit down and shoot the breeze.
The gormless regulars shoot the breeze about everything from organic food to Pele's privates.
The pub, a regular haunt for the Irish soccer team, has been bustling with customers happy to shoot the breeze with Clarke and his close pal.
You just can't shoot the breeze with analysts anymore," says Jeff Smulyan, chief executive of radio and TV broadcaster Emmis Communications--even though corporations are now being forced to dole out more information than ever before.
He was a friend who always had time to shoot the breeze with co-workers about the topic of the day.