Shoot the Breeze

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Drug slang A regional term for the use of nitrous oxide as an abuse agent
Vox populi To engage in conversation
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He said: "It's nice to sit down and shoot the breeze.
That's the best bit of any weekend to my mind - cricketing or surfing - the chance to kick back, blow the froth off some cold ones and shoot the breeze with friends, in this case friends from London whom I don't see very often.
Richard Nixon was also a member at Bel-Air, so I got to shoot the breeze with him.
Former winning pointer Shoot The Breeze, a dual winner over hurdles, has won on both soft and good ground but probably wouldnOt want it too quick.
The gormless regulars shoot the breeze about everything from organic food to Pele's privates.
The pub, a regular haunt for the Irish soccer team, has been bustling with customers happy to shoot the breeze with Clarke and his close pal.
But before he goes Dick got together with another Melbourne ring king - John "Cowboy' McCormack" who won a bronze at light middleweight - to shoot the breeze about their famous feats.
Eighteen-year-old Brian OOConnell, son of Turf Club official and former jockey Val OOConnell, rode the second winner of his career when Shoot The Breeze emerged victorious in the two-and-a-half-mile handicap hurdle.
Shoot the breeze with Cheryl Howard - who adds her grandmother's maiden name for her pen name Cheryl Howard Crew - and you'll know without a shadow of a doubt that you're with an outgoing, optimistic, carefree woman.
Lennon's sensational work in the Champions League will see him shoot the breeze at England's Training Centre with some of the game's top managers at a seminar which is being hosted by Manchester United's Govan Knight.