Shoot the Breeze

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Drug slang A regional term for the use of nitrous oxide as an abuse agent
Vox populi To engage in conversation
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He'd sit and shoot the breeze with my dad, and he was (the) No.
I would far rather shoot the breeze with him than Cheryl the Peril, nor do I believe what the men surveyed by brewer SABMiller say.
A poker forum was also added for Mac online poker players wanting to talk strategy and shoot the breeze.
The Airdrie striker was waiting to take a throw-in while a player was being treated for injury and the Gus fella leaned over the trackside wall to shoot the breeze.
A cop sees a group of youths hanging out on a street corner - how can he know if their ``intent'' is simply to shoot the breeze or to ``intimidate neighborhoods''?
MARTIN JOHNSON walked into the room, took the weight off his feet and began to shoot the breeze.
Nasdaq: YHOO), a leading global communications, commerce and media company, to introduce the Web's first live, weekly, one-hour weather talk show, Shoot the Breeze, scheduled to debut live from AccuWeather's Global Forecast Center on Thursday, July 12 at 7:00 p.
Most evenings, four night-shift workers get together after hours to shoot the breeze and compare relationship scars and personal problems.
He jokes around and we shoot the breeze about old times.
Their pounds 5million twin signings, Jobi McAnuff and Nathan Ellington, have yet to score a goal between them and McAnuff wasted an abundance of possession because he could not cross a ballot paper or shoot the breeze.
They meet whenever they can just so they can shoot the breeze with former colleagues with whom they scaled the heights and it's the same with Celtic's remarkable team of the 1960s.