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The previous studies can provide precious information and knowledge with respect to maintenance cost distribution of hospitals (Neely and Neathammer, 1991; Nesje, 2002; Lavy and Shohet, 2007b; Ciarapica et al.
The bubbles, typically a bit smaller than red blood cells, can travel through the circulatory system without forming an embolism--an air bubble that lodges in the heart, lungs or brain, Shohet says.
Wanted at Houston, Texas--The Hebrew Congregation Beth Israel is desirous of engaging a gentleman who is capable to act as Chazan, Shohet, Mohel and Bangal Komey [Ba'al Korhey or Torah reader]; one who is able to deliver occasionally a discussion will be preferred.
Cuttlefish, such as Sepia officinalis Linnaeus, 1758, adaptively and dynamically change their body pattern for camouflage (Hanlon and Messenger, 1988, 1996; Shohet et al.
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Urban renewal projects may have many components, some with benefits measurable in monetary terms and some with single or multiples benefits that are not measurable in monetary terms (Schofield, 1987; Rosenfeld and Shohet, 1999; ODPM, 2004; CMHC, 2005).
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