Shoe Fetishism

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The attribution of attractive sexual qualities to shoes or other footwear as a matter of sexual preference, psychosexual disorder, or as an alternative or complement to a relationship with a partner
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THE daughter of a woman killed by a shoe fetishist has hit out at the decision to move him to an open prison ready for his release on parole.
There are not just two ugly sisters but a whole family of oddbods - including a shoe fetishist, two vain sisters and a precocious brat as well as a stepmother as evil as they come.
In the film, a wealthy shoe fetishist encourages his chambermaid to put on a pair of black ankle boots and then watches her walk in a manner--"slowly, majestically"--that reminds Nina uncannily of her mother's walk.
There's a creepy shoe fetishist step-brother and a touching portrayal of her dad, a wheelchair-bound war veteran.
A shoe fetishist, her house is full of Jimmy Choo shoes and Manolo Blahnick.
This show and accompanying catalogue (with an outstanding essay by Rosetta Brooks) give Bourdin his posthumous due as a master of composition, a luscious colorist, a social iconoclast, and an accomplished shoe fetishist.
QMY husband is a shoe fetishist. He adores shoes and likes to make love to me while I'm wearing my latest pair.
Meet Jemma, your series guide, a self-confessed fashion victim and shoe fetishist.
A SHOE fetishist who attacked a teenager for her high heels was yesterday ordered to wear a new accessory - an electronic ankle tag.
A shoe fetishist who mugged a string of women for their footwear is facing a possible retrial after a jury failed to decide if he groped one of his victims.