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A descriptive term for Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast forms inhibited in cell division by an alpha factor in the culture medium; in contrast, alpha yeast forms of S cerevisae are not inhibited in cell division when exposed to alpha factor, due to a non-random gene rearrangement that allows yeast to change from ‘male’ to ‘female’ mating phenotypes
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No other Capp adventure may sum up this combination better than the Shmoo, a story arch that paralleled the transforming parody of the 1950s from innocent to the full-out satirical.
For a comic strip, the story of the Shmoo was quite complex.
Capp said the Shmoo represented the earth in all its richness.
A hundred leading businessmen met in secret to figure out how to handle the Shmoo crisis.
The Shmoo had to die in order to protect the American way of life.
The story of the Shmoo originally ran over several months.
Yesterday, Alberto Sanna kept Af Albahar's daughter her course off the gates and stayed midfield while Shmoos did the leading duties.
Picking up pace over the final bend, and moving alongside Shmoos, under Xavier Ziani, younger Marj Eyoun just managed to edge out seven-year-old Shmoos by a short head for her second victory.
2nd race: Shmoos (Gerald Avranche) 1, Taghya 2, Muhim 3, Kafayef 4.
To get an idea of the basic arguments, consider the world of Samuelsonian shmoo. In this word, individuals face few or no costs of searching for assets (e.g., the capabilities of potential take-over targets or suppliers) that may fit existing operations, no costs of ascertaining the inherent characteristics of assets, no costs of coordinating assets, and so on.
Much of the understanding of the growth process in economics has essentially been based on models of accumulating Samuelsonian shmoo along equilibrium growth paths.