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A descriptive term for Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast forms inhibited in cell division by an alpha factor in the culture medium; in contrast, alpha yeast forms of S cerevisae are not inhibited in cell division when exposed to alpha factor, due to a non-random gene rearrangement that allows yeast to change from ‘male’ to ‘female’ mating phenotypes
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Much of the understanding of the growth process in economics has essentially been based on models of accumulating Samuelsonian shmoo along equilibrium growth paths.
For a comic strip, the story of the Shmoo was quite complex.
HOST INTEGRITY MONITORING USING OSIRIS AND SAMHAIN comes from an Osiris creator and Shmoo group member and tells how to identify successful attacks and remedy the problems they cause.
In 2001, when Scott Fluher, Itsik Mantin and Adi Shamir published "Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4," and the Shmoo Group released the beta version of Airsnort, compromising a WEP key was a daunting task.
The security issue appeared suddenly when a group of secretive internet activists who run the shmoo.
A similar tool is bluesniff, designed by The Shmoo Group, a loose connection of security professionals who conduct IT security research in their free time.
com) is the founder of the Shmoo Group, Leesburg, VA.
Shmoo plots are routinely used by development and test engineers to evaluate digital devices under pattern test while one or more conditions are swept or varied.
automated TDR pin deskew tool; and *enhanced shmoo tool (part of MTS' ICEasy test library) supporting the features of the GX5296.
I may not see the humour, but I am not a total shmoo.
SHMOO: She Machine Shmoo are no schmucks when it comes to multi-layered synth splendour led by a vocoder that's great for robots who like to dance.