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Mahesh (m·hāshˑ), in Ayurvedic philosophy, the god who represents the destructive force of the universe.
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This is the continuous pouring of a stream of milk, then of water, on the Shiva Linga.
Since the sculpture of Shiva is above the door of the mandapa of the main temple, its safety is in great danger.
Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed Pvt Ltd, was incorporated on 15th March-2004 with the main objective of manufacturing edible and non-edible oil and poultry feed
Here Shiva delivers a stunning insight: "We need to change our minds before we change our world.
Shiva beats the rhythm of life with the drum in one of his right hands and holds the flame by which the universe is destroyed in another.
But then, Shiva predictably decided this was too boring and moved into a phase that heralded destruction for those on the inside but new opportunities for those on the outside.