Shiley, D.B.

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D.B., 20th century U.S. engineer.
Schneider-Shiley catheter
Shiley cardioplegia system
Shiley catheter
Shiley catheter distention system
Shiley cuffless fenestrated tube
Shiley cuffless tracheostomy tube
Shiley decannulation plug
Shiley distention kit
Shiley endotracheal tube
Shiley guiding catheter
Shiley heart valve
Shiley Infusaid pump
Shiley JL-4 guiding catheter
Shiley JR-4 guiding catheter
Shiley laryngectomy tube
Shiley low-pressure cuffed tracheostomy tube
Shiley MultiPro catheter
Shiley neonatal tracheostomy tube
Shiley oxygenator
Shiley pediatric tracheostomy tube
Shiley pressure-relief adapter
Shiley sump tube
Shiley tracheostomy tube
Shiley valve
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A size 6 Shiley tracheostomy tube with cuff was placed and secured, and the cuff was inflated.