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Charles S., English physiologist and Nobel laureate, 1857-1952. See: Sherrington phenomenon, Sherrington law, Schiff-Sherrington phenomenon, Liddell-Sherrington reflex.
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Nicholas was identified and introduced by Sherrington Associates and he's slotted in perfectly alongside the rest of the team.
Gascoigne was also ordered to pay PS100 compensation to Mr Sherrington, court costs of PS85 and a victim surcharge of PS60.
Ms McMillan said Gascoigne had grabbed Mr Sherrington in the neck area.
Staff at the station noticed he was drunk and tried to help Gascoigne by putting him in a wheelchair, but he became abusive to Mr Sherrington and used the "c-word" repeatedly, Elaine McMillan, prosecuting, told the court.
Having been brought in for the injured Doug Pollock, Sherrington was caught at mid-wicket with just seven runs required for victory.
Council officials later served an abatement notice on Boardman and Sherrington to get them to quieten down.
Sherrington and Edwards of Colwyn Bay, North Wales, admitted burglary and were ordered to carry out 250 hours unpaid work - and pay pounds 286 compensation.
Defence solicitor Craig Hutchinson said Sherrington was deeply sorry and Edwards had described his behaviour as "unpardonable.
Whilst Finnegan will try to avenge the solitary defeat of his 11-fight career against Omid Bourzo, Galer v Sherrington promises to be a classic encounter.
Sherrington joined the group in 2002 and was charged with creating a group-wide marketing function.
I wanted to add my two cents worth to the comments of Harold Sherrington (August 2003) and Anthony Mangano (October 2003) in regards to the Regal Empress (Formerly the Olympia).
The job: Sherrington reports to chief executive Graham Mackay and