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Q. Will drinking make me a handsome hero? My friend who is working in the movie making corporation told me that the secret behind the heroes & heroines is ‘drinking’. Will drinking make me a handsome hero?

A. this is completely false. drinking will not make you a handsome hero.

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I told her this is a reaction to this news happening now and soon it will go away," Shero Aloush said.
Seth Williams, the prosecutor in the cases against Engelhardt and Shero, said he was "overjoyed" with the outcome.
In Osofisan's Morountodun, the shero, Titubi, also on the whole emerges as a legend, "a female promethean heroically braving life's odds, putting her life specially at risk to serve a cause" (Oloruntoba-Oju, "Myth" 10).
To my surprise, the two women indeed share some qualities of the new American shero.
There were eight border police in Shero area check post, one of them poisoned the others' food and then shot them," provincial spokesman Jawid Faysal told AFP.
And the 'characters' of ocean racingwere always good for an anecdote or three: Mickelborough, Delphine, Syd Brown, Chalky, Shero, Frizzle, Chas from Tas.
his military victories against Sextus Pompey; see Shero 1941:88.
Big B, who is the state's tourism ambassador, has a daring punchline -- ' Aap sher dil ho to shero ki bich to aao ( if you are lionhearted, then come see the lions)'.
id=538011&navid=DL%7CPIT%7Chome) announced Monday that the team and general manager Ray Shero have agreed to a new five-year contract.
Shero yesterdaywhenSergeant Michael Lockettwaslaid to rest with full military honours.