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But Sherman enjoyed both the structure and camaraderie of his new military family, finding "a togetherness in the military that neither the Shermans nor the Ewings had been able to provide him" (p.
But for young Tecumseh and his family that stability came to an abrupt end with the death of Charles Sherman in 1829.
Although Sherman desired to be with his brothers and sisters, he found the Ewing home to be a loving and stable environment.
Sherman admired his foster father and deeply appreciated his support, but he never forgot, says Marszalek, the circumstances which had brought him to the Ewing household.
Although Sherman found stability in the military, he desired the comfort and emotional support of a wife and family.
Lisa Phillips, "Cindy Sherman's Cindy Shermans," in Cindy Sherman, Cindy Sherman, exhibition catalogue with essays by Phillips and Peter Schjedahl, New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1987, p.
2] Indeed, Mulvey herself has contributed a substantial essay to the Sherman critical literature.
4] From the other side, Mulvey will write of the "centerfold" series, 1981-82, "The young women that Sherman impersonates may be daydreaming about a future romance, or they may be mourning a lost one.
in both case it is imagined that Sherman is a gifted impersonator, an actress, and that her characters are an effect of her transmutations of personality.
No ones sees that there are, for example, suites of images in which Sherman dresses in exactly the same outfit--same hat, same suit, same makeup--but in which carefully controlled differences in camera angle, farming, depth of field, lighting, etc.
The claim also alleged that Kelner engaged in "selling away" by selling the Shermans investments in his own private deals such as Highlands Group, Ltd.
The Shermans, and other Florida retirees, will persevere with their claims, and that stonewall will come tumbling down.