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Henry C., U.S. biochemist, 1875-1955. See: Sherman unit, Sherman-Bourquin unit of vitamin B2, Sherman-Munsell unit.
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Model results of daily consumption of food commodities according to modified Shermann scheme are given in table 2.
Daily consumption of food commodities Modified Shermann Standard Standard scheme Man Woman Group 1 249 g/d 194 g/d Group 2 56 g/d 44 g/d Group 3 43 g/d 36 g/d Group 4 131 g/d 99 g/d Group 5 638 g/d 522 g/d Group 6 178 g/d 92 g/d Group 7 335 g/d 261 g/d
Established in 1983 by husband and wife team Ken and Pauline Hughes, Shermann designs and manufactures professional loudspeaker systems and sells complete PA systems.
Last night Erik, 32, robbed by illness of sight at 13, and 64-year-old Shermann were the toast of the local Sherpas.
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