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Henry C., U.S. biochemist, 1875-1955. See: Sherman unit, Sherman-Bourquin unit of vitamin B2, Sherman-Munsell unit.
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Guidelines for determining the Best Real Estate Agent to sell their Sherman Oaks Homes
IMMORTAL WOUNDS Sherman is just the latest champion of maggots in medicine.
Kennett's analysis of Sherman the soldier is insightful and engaging, though (by design) much less exhaustive than Marszalek's study.
Kennett's Sherman is a much smaller man than the Sherman one usually finds in the history of the American Civil War.
But Rose packs in all the stories Sherman might have wished for.
Sherman first delineates Horton's conformity to "verse by white North Carolinians of his time who shared his environment and influence" through a comparison of Horton's "subjects, form, language and attitude" to a contemporaneous collection of poetry.
Representing Dee's great library at Mortlake as an early modern "think tank," Sherman argues that the library was not the private retreat of a Renaissance magus but, rather, "a space where independent scholarship could be carried out and circulated among the academic, commercial, and political communities" (45).
Sherman admired his foster father and deeply appreciated his support, but he never forgot, says Marszalek, the circumstances which had brought him to the Ewing household.
However circumscribed the explanatory argument, Royster's character portraits of Jackson and Sherman and descriptions of the Civil War's unbelievable wastage in lives and property represent compelling, thought-provoking reading regarding the perils of resorting to war as an instrument of social/political change.
The joint announcement was made this week by Sherman and Murray Beer, founder and CEO of Globe Mortgage Co.
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