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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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The first two ask the third shepherd where the sheep are.
Then back will I go," says the third shepherd, "abide ye there.
The shepherds are all very weary and want to sleep.
Miss Shepherd being the one pervading theme and vision of my life, how do I ever come to break with her?
Mr Shepherd laughed, as he knew he must, at this wit, and then added--
I venture to hint, that Sir Walter Elliot cannot be half so jealous for his own, as John Shepherd will be for him.
But, to make an end, not many months had passed after he returned from Salamanca, when one day he appeared dressed as a shepherd with his crook and sheepskin, having put off the long gown he wore as a scholar; and at the same time his great friend, Ambrosio by name, who had been his companion in his studies, took to the shepherd's dress with him.
Here one shepherd is sighing, there another is lamenting; there love songs are heard, here despairing elegies.
Stiggins suddenly recollected that he had a most pressing appointment with the shepherd, and took himself off accordingly.
Weller, 'there was three quarters owin', and the shepherd hadn't paid a farden, not he--perhaps it might be on account that the water warn't o' much use to him, for it's wery little o' that tap he drinks, Sammy, wery; he knows a trick worth a good half-dozen of that, he does.
Now it happened once that the shepherd came to the country where the shepherdess lived.
But one evening when the moon was full they sat together watching their flocks, and the shepherd played upon his flute.