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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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The first two ask the third shepherd where the sheep are.
"Then back will I go," says the third shepherd, "abide ye there."
Soon afterwards the wolf came and wished him joy, and said, 'Now, my good fellow, you must tell no tales, but turn your head the other way when I want to taste one of the old shepherd's fine fat sheep.' 'No,' said the Sultan; 'I will be true to my master.' However, the wolf thought he was in joke, and came one night to get a dainty morsel.
Now Sultan had nobody he could ask to be his second but the shepherd's old three-legged cat; so he took her with him, and as the poor thing limped along with some trouble, she stuck up her tail straight in the air.
Why do I secretly give Miss Shepherd twelve Brazil nuts for a present, I wonder?
Miss Shepherd being the one pervading theme and vision of my life, how do I ever come to break with her?
Mr Shepherd laughed, as he knew he must, at this wit, and then added--
I venture to hint, that Sir Walter Elliot cannot be half so jealous for his own, as John Shepherd will be for him."
"Oh," said the goatherd, "I do not know even the half of what has happened to the lovers of Marcela, but perhaps to-morrow we may fall in with some shepherd on the road who can tell us; and now it will be well for you to go and sleep under cover, for the night air may hurt your wound, though with the remedy I have applied to you there is no fear of an untoward result."
For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult.
Stiggins suddenly recollected that he had a most pressing appointment with the shepherd, and took himself off accordingly.
Now it happened once that the shepherd came to the country where the shepherdess lived.