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J.H., English pediatrician, 1920-1964. See: Freeman-Sheldon syndrome.
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In the morning David Sheldon decided that he was worse.
The bell had hardly rung, sending the labourers into the fields, when Sheldon had a visitor.
Me savvee you good fella, Seelee," Sheldon said, as the chief gulped down a quarter-tumbler of raw trade-gin.
At eleven o'clock, when the labourers came in from the field, Sheldon had them assembled in the compound before the veranda.
Ten fella three times, Billy," Sheldon said encouragingly, though there was a certain metallic rasp in his voice.
Sheldon was selecting the worst characters for the lesson.
Astoa," Sheldon said, seizing the psychological moment, "I count three fella time.
And Sheldon knew that when he had counted three he would drop him in his tracks.
When the last of the gang, including the two howling culprits, had passed out through the compound gate, Sheldon sank down half- fainting on his couch.
Robert Sheldon was accused of coercive and controlling behaviour towards his former partner, Faye Hooke, during their 17-month relationship.
Mother-of-three Faye Hooke from Pontypridd said she was left "fearful" for her life after her 17-month relationship with Robert Sheldon.
Big Bang Theory" Season 11, which returned to CBS on Thursday after a short hiatus, centered on Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) deciding on who should be their (http://ew.