Fasciola hepatica

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Fas·ci·o·la he·pat·'i·ca

the common liver fluke inhabiting the bile ducts of sheep and cattle; the intermediate hosts are aquatic snails, Lymnaea or related genera; after the cercariae escape, they become encysted on water plants by which they gain access to the intestinal canal; rarely, this fluke is reported from humans, in whom it may cause considerable biliary damage.
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Fasciola hepatica

A species that infests the liver and bile ducts of cattle, sheep, and other herbivores; the common liver fluke. Infested aquatic plants are the source of human infection. See: illustration
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a genus of flukes (digenetic trematode) in the family Fasciolidae.

Fasciola gigantica
found in the liver of domestic livestock and is the common liver fluke of Africa. Similar anatomically to F. hepatica but much larger. Causes fascioliasis.
Fasciola hepatica
found in the liver parenchyma and bile ducts of sheep, cattle and most other domesticated species and humans. In humans and horses, the unusual hosts, the flukes may be in lungs or other unusual sites and they are often in the lungs of cattle. Causes fascioliasis.
Fasciola jacksoni
found in elephants. Causes a disease similar to ovine fascioliasis.