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shechita, shehita

the Jewish method of ritual slaughter in which the animal is killed by one stroke of a very sharp knife across the throat, completely severing the trachea, carotid arteries and jugular veins. Called also schechita.
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Not all animals, or parts thereof, that are slaughtered according to the rules of shechitah may be eaten.
28) By 1850 when B'nai Yeshurun's shochet complained that "he had been publically slandered by" members of the Bene Israel "Killing" committee, the B'nai Yeshurun board forcibly rejected the other synagogue's edicts: "this Congregation does not warrant the Acts of any Man to interfere with any of its Members on Political Affairs, much less that of shechitah.
I also know that during the original debate on this issue in Norway, where shechitah has been banned since 1930, one of the parliamentarians said straight out, 'if they don't like it, let them go live somewhere else.
Melchior also says the cruelty accusations against shechitah are simply untrue: "The Torah forbids cruelty to animals, and the shechitah process ensures that the animal loses consciousness immediately.
Melchior plans to organize a Foreign Ministry campaign to respond to the European lies being disseminated about the so-called cruelty involved in shechitah.