shear thinning

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shear thin·ning

decreasing the viscosity of a polymer or macromolecule or gel by increasing the rate of shear; not ordinarily a function of time.
See also: thixotropy.
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In addition, EPDM 1 demonstrated a greater degree of shear thinning compared to EPDM 2.
They also mentioned the presence of a second shear thinning behavior at higher shear rates.
8 also indicated that the shear thinning behavior was increased with the increase in water contents which might be due to high number of droplets resulting aggregate formation and with the increase in shear rate the aggregates were deformed at low shear rate and then disintegrated.
The study is restricted to the laminar and transition regimes with shear thinning fluids, which are typical conditions of polymerization reactions.
If n is lower than 1, then it will be shear thinning fluid.
By applying of the shear rate to the gel, it causes an orientation of molecular chains which leads to shear thinning behavior and the dilution effect of shear rate on viscosity seems to be dominant.
Rheolate 299 efficiently provides strongly shear thinning flow behavior to both pigmented and clear waterborne coating systems.
Instead, they now believe, shear thinning happens when the stress overrides the thermally induced 'Brownian motion' that would otherwise make particles randomly disperse.
The addition of hydrocolloids and the increase in the amount of them in the blueberries yogurt samples increased the shear thinning properties of the yogurt samples (tab1, fig.
To do this, a method had to be devised that would improve the shear thinning capability of the print stroke.
Its long chain branching is said to lead to excellent shear thinning characteristics that can deliver higher extrusion rates.