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Cecil Gordon, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Shaver disease.
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Shaver tells me that fewer new turtles are nesting at Padre Island and that the turtles that were nesting on these beaches aren't returning as often as they used to.
The verdict on Thursday cleared Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 27, of criminal liability in the 2016 death of Daniel Shaver of Granbury, Texas, and found him not guilty of second-degree murder charges in the shooting of an unarmed man.
According to P&G, Braun Series 3 Shave & Style is the most affordable three-flex shaver in its electric shaver lineup, enabling men to get a clean shave and a precise beard style with one device.
The Wahl IifeProof Shaver is billed as virtually indestructible.
Arab News Braun has launched a new shaver for men, which is being touted as the best shaving appliance in the market.
Former city councilor and longtime Springfield local Greg Shaver, 59, has experienced the depths and heights of love on past Valentine's Days.
Overall electric shaver and hair care equipment market size, 2007-2018
The cruZer6 face boasts the cutting-edge technology and performance of a Braun dry shaver and combines it with a twistable trimmer for styling and an adjustable attachment for cutting your beard to four different lengths.
The author, a steelworker named Richard Shaver who had spent some time in mental institutions, claimed to have uncovered "an immensely important find": the ancient alphabet of a "wiser race" that preceded humanity on Earth.
War over Lemuria; Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer and the strangest chapter of 1940s science fiction.
95 and, it's available in two hassle-free cordless options: powered by two AAA batteries or as a rechargeable shaver - simply charge up in around 8 hours from any USB socket (found on a computer) for up to two weeks cordless shaving from a single charge.
Mary Ellen Lacasse, director of shaver marketing for BIC USA, says one consumer preference remains timeless.