William, Scottish physiologist and histologist, 1802-1880. See: Sharpey fibers.
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The main functions of the bone include protection, support, shock absorption and attachment to the sharpey's fibers.
Repeat offender Leanne McCafferey told police she needed money to pay back a loan shark called 'Sharpey', and stole from two supermarkets to help service her debt.
He found an ally for his microscopic research in his physiology professor, William Sharpey, then in his early 50s.
Sharpey had won PFA young player of the year and he was playing for England.
Sharpey's fibres radiate from the apex of the base.
Interestingly, a report demonstrated the formation of Sharpey's fiber-like tissue between PDL and cementum under similar conditions, indicating the complete regeneration of PDL tissues [48].
The integrity of the medial and lateral expansions along with the anterior fascia lata and Sharpey's fibres allows active extension of the knee after patellar fracture.
Por ultimo, en textos mas recientes, como los de Feneis & Dauber (2000) y Standring, se observo que la informacion entregada era similar a la desarrollada por Gray (1858), Sharpey et al, (1878), Le Double & Marey (1897) y Testut (1899); solo existe una propuesta distinta en la presentacion de la informacion.
* The new elevators SLE1 and SLE2, the first one to start the sinus membrane elevation from the sinus floor and the second one to finalize the sinus membrane elevation from the palatal wall, are featured by a sharp terminal part allowing to cut Sharpey's fibers from the endosteum with the maximum safety, protecting it thanks to the convexity of the tips.