sharpening stone

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shar·pen·ing stone

(shahrpĕn-ing stōn)
Natural or synthetic stone composed of abrasive particles used to restore a sharp cutting edge on a calculus removal instrument.
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Should you wish to carry it afield though, it is fully up to the task and comes with a sturdy leather sheath complete with an India sharpening stone in a secure pouch.
For hand clippers, you need a sharpening stone with both coarse and fine surfaces, and light machine oil to moisten the stone.
CRKT delivers the Redemption with a first class black nylon Molle sheath with a plastic insert to hold the knife tight, and further accoutered with leg straps and a pouch for a sharpening stone or folder.
You'll need a bench grinder with a 100-grit wheel, some wet/dry sandpaper, a sharpening stone (with one medium side and one coarse side) and a lubricant.
To keep blades sharp, use a small sharpening stone as shown at left.
All of this punkery comes with a MOLLE-compatible black ballistic nylon sheath and incorporates a pouch for storing a sharpening stone, magnesium firestarter, decent sized folding knife, or whatever other survival good you may want to pack in.
On May 14, 2002, Cartwright bought a lock knife, a sharpening stone and screwdriver for his work.
Police who searched the flat found a knife sharpening stone on top of a cupboard and a black handled knife in a fireplace while another knife was found in a nearby garage.
Keep a sharpening stone or set of ceramic rods on the countertop as an invitation to Visitors to see, stop, talk about and buy a sharpener - or a new knife.