Dilation and curettage

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1. the act of dilating or stretching.
3. an increase in the diameter of a circular structure, such as the pupil.
dilation and curettage D and C; expanding of the ostium uteri to permit scraping of the walls of the uterus. See also abortion.

dilation and curettage

n. Abbr. D & C
A surgical procedure in which the cervix is expanded using a dilator and the uterine lining scraped with a curette, performed for the diagnosis and treatment of various uterine conditions.

dilation and curettage (D&C)

widening of the uterine cervix and scraping of the endometrium of the uterus. It is done to diagnose disease of the uterus, to correct heavy or prolonged vaginal bleeding, or to empty the uterus of the products of conception. It is also performed to remove tumors, to rule out carcinoma of the uterus, and to remove retained placental fragments after delivery or after an incomplete abortion. The cervix is dilated with a series of dilators of increasing size to allow the insertion of a curet into the uterus. A perineal pad is applied. Postoperative care requires emotional support appropriate to the clinical situation and close observation for hemorrhage, infection, or dysuria. See also abortion, fractional dilation and curettage.

di·la·tion and cu·ret·tage

(D & C) (dī-lā'shŭn kyūr'ĕ-tahzh')
Dilation of the cervix and curettement of the endometrium.

Dilation and curettage (D and C)

A procedure performed under anesthesia during which the cervix is opened more (or dilated) and tissue lining the uterus is scraped out with a metal, spoon-shaped instrument or a suction tube. The procedure can be used to diagnose a problem or to remove growths (polyps).
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Keywords: Abortion Manual vacuum aspiration Sharp curettage.
This study was carried out to determine whether MVA was a safe and as effective as sharp curettage for the treatment of first trimester abortions.
Six hundred Women admitted with the diagnosis of first trimester less than or equal to 12 weeks abortions were randomly assigned using random numbers table 300 to manual vacuum aspiration and 300 to traditional Sharp curettage after informed consent.
As most of the time traditional sharp curettage is done under GA.
Comparison of all the quantitative variables in both groups of MVA and sharp curettage was done using independent samples t test.
8 years ranged from 19 to 40 years in MVA group while 33 yrs ranged from 20 to 40 years in sharp curettage group.
Among MVA group 47% patients were having missed abortion while in sharp curettage 43% patients were with the diagnosis of missed abortion.
Table-2: Comparison of the characteristics of patients treated with MVA and sharp curettage after
By comparing our study regarding MVA and sharp curettage with the available study at Abbotabad in 201114
Our study showed that MVA is better than sharp curettage in case of lesser need for cervical dilatation and duration of hospital stay.