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In Sussex I try to use a bike or Shanks's pony as much as possible.
Until then, we should get used to the idea of horses and carts, canal boats, tricycles, bicycles, skateboards and Shanks's pony.
For those who prefer to travel by shanks's pony, there are miles of footpaths, bridleways and nature trails to explore, and there seem to be far more sheep than cars on the roads.
COUNCIL bosses will say that shanks's pony is supreme when they try to persuade people in Coventry city to get out of their cars and make everyday journeys on foot.
James laughed: "When I got rid of the Beetle, it was Shanks's Pony for me.
Parking: If you're lucky, you might find a bay, but public transport or Shanks's pony is the order of the day.
to Westminster Abbey - shouldn't a royal bride be using Shanks's pony in these hard times?
Most places have public transport , and there's always Shanks's Pony.
So unless you fancy Shanks's pony or have the stamina to camp out in a designated pounds 50-an- hour parking spot in the capital, you might as well do what they want you to do: stay in, save your petrol, drink your fill of permitted units, enjoy a calorie-counted meal and watch the telly.