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Schmallenberg virus as possible ancestor of Shamonda virus.
The Simbu serogroup (family Bunyaviridae, genus Bunyavirus) includes Shamonda virus, Akabane virus, Sathuperi virus, and Aino virus.
SBV has been identified as most related to Sathuperi virus, and for the small and large segments, Shamonda virus segments show the highest sequence identity.
The resurgence of Shamonda virus, an African Simbu group virus of the genus Orthobunyavirus, in Japan.
Results of full-genome and serologic investigations indicate that SBV belongs to the species Sathuperi virus and is a possible ancestor of the reassortant Shamonda virus.
The first report of SBV showed highest similarities of M- and L-segment sequences to partial Aino virus and AKAV sequences, whereas the N gene was most closely related to Shamonda virus (SHAV) (1).
It is a RNA virus and shows 97% identity with Shamonda virus (SFIAV) (small gene segment), 71% identity with Aino virus (medium gene segment), and 69% identity with Akabane virus (AKAV) (large gene segment) (4).
The most similar sequences were from a Shamonda virus detected in cattle in Japan (S segment; INSDC accession no.
However, because of the close relationship to Shamonda virus and the absence of reports of clinical signs in humans, the risk to humans currently is assessed as very low to negligible.