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Erich, German ophthalmologist, 1882-1946. See: Seidel scotoma, Seidel sign.
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We found that if HRP2 levels are low, clinicians can be more than 98 percent sure the child will not progress to cerebral malaria," Seydel said.
Seydel amends that Waldrop's collages "gesture toward, accommodate, and open up free territories of drift and dream.
As the daughter of CNN founder and philanthropist Ted Turner, a committed environmentalist himself, Seydel grew up in a family where earth-friendly living and community involvement were a way of life.
We're so isolated here in the middle of the country," said Seydel.
Consumer perceptions of search speed were captured using various survey items which loaded on a construct called responsiveness (Cao, Zhang, & Seydel, 2005); specific items covered website response time, whether search time or loading time was considered reasonable, and whether the website was responsive to inquiries.
As the research deepened, company leaders and representatives of the company's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) decided the development project should be spun off as a separate entity so as not to harm the profitability of The Seydel Cos.
Essentially, a body of literature reiterates that an increase in self-efficacy is instrumental in assisting patients, as well helping caregivers, to deal more effectively with a wide range of adverse and chronic health problems such as diabetes, asthma, cardio-vascular and pulmonary conditions, arthritis and multiple sclerosis (Barnason, Zimmerman, Nieveen, Schmarder, Carranza & Reilley, 2003; Borsody, Courtney, Taylor & Jairath, 1999; Clark & Dodge, 1999; Hellstrom, Lindamrk, Wahlberg, Fugl-Meyer, 2003; McKenzie & Peragine, 2003; Lorig, Ritter, Laurent & Fries, 2004; Raizi, Thompson & Hobart, 2004; Scherer & Schmeider & Shimmel, 1995; Vander der Palen, Klein, & Seydel, 1997).
Indeed, there is very little but storytelling happening in this pared-down one-act translation of Euripides' play by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan.
Another owner, Rutherford Seydel, is the son-in-law of Ted Turner, the television tycoon who at one time or another owned the Hawks, the Thrashers, and the Atlanta Braves.
Seydel, Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis: From Equilibrium to Chaos, Chapter 2, Springer-Verlag, New York (1994).
Martins IJ, Hone E, Chi C, Seydel U, Martins RN, Redgrave TG.
They're not expecting to wait all that long for a break in the weather," said Lt Carie Seydel.