Sexually transmitted infection

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Any infection or tumour acquired by direct genital and orogenital contact
Risk factors Multiple sexual partners, history of STD or sexual partner with STD; male sexual partners of women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), cervical condylomas, condyloma acuminatum or variants of IN
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sex·u·al·ly trans·mit·ted dis·ease

(STD) (sek'shū-ă-lē tranz-mit'ĕd di-zēz')
Any contagious disease acquired through sexual contact (e.g., syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, genital warts, AIDS).
Synonym(s): sexually transmitted infection, venereal disease.
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Sexually transmitted infection; STI

An infectious disease that is transmitted through sexual activity.
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sex·u·al·ly trans·mit·ted dis·ease

(STD) (sek'shū-ă-lē tranz-mit'ĕd di-zēz')
Contagious disease acquired during sexual contact (e.g., syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid).
Synonym(s): venereal disease, sexually transmitted infection.
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Sexually transmitted infections have been recognised as a major public health problem.
Sexually transmitted infections rank among the five top diseases for which Nigerians seek medical attention, and the major sexually transmitted infections are ranked among the ten most reported notifiable diseases in Nigeria (2).
People who use party drugs or illegal drugs--and especially people who use them during sex--are more likely to get sexually transmitted infections like HSV-2 and HIV.
Among 199 participants who identified a source of their information about sexually transmitted infections, 30% said a doctor or nurse, 30% said classes at school, 28% said family, 5% said friends, 2% said boyfriends, and 5% said TV, radio, or the Internet.
Despite the fact that adolescents experience nearly 4 million cases of sexually transmitted infections annually in the United States--nearly two-thirds of all cases--the Bush administration continues to promote and exclusively fund dangerous virginity-based models.
22 ( ANI ): Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are on the rise across the world.
Experts from the Health Protection Agency (HPA), writing in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, said the number of cases of warts could be cut dramatically thanks to the jab designed to protect against cervical cancer.
Researchers said previous studies have shown that jail and prison inmates face a high risk of infectious disease and experience a disproportionate burden of sexually transmitted infections, but few studies have assessed whether personal history of incarceration or incarceration of a sex partner is associated with STI or HIV infection independent of adverse background factors such as poverty and substance use.
Professor Harsh Duggal, the Health Protection Agency's lead on sexually transmitted infections in the West Midlands, said: "These are very early days but we hope that this is the beginning of a downward trend."
When I spoke to her about it, she said it was none of my business but I found out from one of her friends that she caught an sexually transmitted infection.
.EVERTON fans are helping to reduce sexually transmitted infection rates in Liverpool.
Sexually risky behaviour was defined as behaviour that puts people at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. For this research, these behaviours referred to a lack of contraceptive use and having multiple sexual partners."

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