Sexually transmitted infection

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Any infection or tumour acquired by direct genital and orogenital contact
Risk factors Multiple sexual partners, history of STD or sexual partner with STD; male sexual partners of women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), cervical condylomas, condyloma acuminatum or variants of IN

sex·u·al·ly trans·mit·ted dis·ease

(STD) (sek'shū-ă-lē tranz-mit'ĕd di-zēz')
Any contagious disease acquired through sexual contact (e.g., syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, genital warts, AIDS).
Synonym(s): sexually transmitted infection, venereal disease.

Sexually transmitted infection; STI

An infectious disease that is transmitted through sexual activity.

sex·u·al·ly trans·mit·ted dis·ease

(STD) (sek'shū-ă-lē tranz-mit'ĕd di-zēz')
Contagious disease acquired during sexual contact (e.g., syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid).
Synonym(s): venereal disease, sexually transmitted infection.
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Hawkes S, Santhya KG, Diverse realities: Sexually transmitted infections and HIV in India.
The Lagos state HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2010-2015 has an intervention program that involves training of patent medicine vendors and chemist operators on syndromic sexually transmitted infection management to enable them support clients who mm up for sexually transmitted infection drugs to receive the appropriate dosages and encourage them on adherence.
People who use party drugs or illegal drugs--and especially people who use them during sex--are more likely to get sexually transmitted infections like HSV-2 and HIV.
Although 93% correctly identified HIV/AIDS as a sexually transmitted infection, 91% incorrectly said that it is the only serious sexually transmitted infection by marking it true on a list of seven true-or-false statements about sequelae.
Rates of sexually transmitted infections were similar between the groups because those making virginity pledges are much less likely to use condoms.
Every day in Merseyside, an average of 16 people find out they have a sexually transmitted infection.
clinic treating adult performers, 47 performers--28%--were diagnosed with 96 sexually transmitted infections--a finding that counters the porn industry's repeated claims of a lower incidence of sexually transmitted infections among performers than found in the general public.
Sexually risky behaviour was defined as behaviour that puts people at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.
Warts are the most common viral sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosed in the UK, with high rates among men aged 20 to 24 and girls aged 16 to 19.
Infection with HIV or a sexually transmitted infection is associated with incarceration, according to a study in the June AJPH.
We need to continue to reinforce the message that the safest way to protect yourself against a sexually transmitted infection is to use a condom with all new or casual partners," he said.
Despite this increase, the proportion of the population with a sexually transmitted infection in the North-East is below the national average.

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