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These recommendations reduce the risk for sexual transmission of Zika virus during pregnancy, which could have adverse fetal effects.
Furthermore, male-to-female sexual transmission of Zika virus has involved virus strains originating from both Zika virus phylogenetic lineages (11-18).
Reduction of concentration of HIV-1 in semen after treatment of urethritis: implications for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV-1.
Speaking about this problem of sexual transmission in Estonia and Latvia, she said, "there are not many specific interventions on how these could be tackled.
Now, men who have been exposed to the virus should either abstain from sex or use a condom to prevent sexual transmission of the disease for at least 6 months, even if they are asymptomatic.
Interim Guidelines for Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus--United States, 2016.
This needs to be further investigated to understand the conditions under which, and how often or likely sexual transmission is," World Health Organisation (WHO) social media chief Gregory Hartl said in an email to USA TODAY.
The virus is typically transmitted by mosquitoes, but Dallas County Health and Human Services said Tuesday that an unidentified person had been infected by sexual transmission - the first confirmed case of a person acquiring the virus in the continental United States.
Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes, and not by person-to-person contact, though a small number of cases of sexual transmission have been documented.
1) No documented cases of sexual transmission of WNV have been previously reported although sexual transmission of Zika virus, another flavivirus, has been reported.
38 percent of the cases were acquired through sexual transmission, mostly from the men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) population that accounted for 577 cases or 87 percent.
Conclusion: Sexual transmission through commercial sex is the largest mode of transmission of HIV in our setup.