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A controversial policy of separating people by gender, often understood to be in public places. Critics of sex segregation contend that it is a violation of human rights; supporters argue it is necessary to maintain decency, modesty, female safety, or the family unit
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Studies on the home range and activity rhythms of blue sheep in Helan Mountain region found sexual segregation between male and female (Cui, 2007), and more investigations should be carried out to make further understanding of the sexual segregation mechanism in blue sheep.
This species presents sexual segregation and spatial segregation according to size, in which young and sub-adult individuals of both sexes tend to remain aggregated in the same area.
A sexual selection theory longitudinal analysis of sexual segregation and integration in early adolescence.
Sexual segregation may occur at different spatial scales for the ruminant species (Bowyer 2004); less attention has been paid, however, to effects of scale on sexual segregation (sensu Bowyer et al.
Dr Croft said, 'Sexual segregation is not restricted to fish; it is often found in deer and antelopes, and may even occur in humans.
Sexual segregation was necessary for the protection of the nuns' privacy in convents because men were often present.
Seasonality of sexual segregation in dimorphic deer: extending the gastrocentric model.
Key words: diving; foraging; habitat separation; migration; Mirounga angustirostris; northern elephant seals; resource partitioning; sex differences; sexual segregation.
Although sexual segregation of occupations is declining both in the general economy (Bianchi and Rytina, 1986; Blau and Hendricks, 1979) and in the federal service (Lewis and Emmert, 1986), most occupations remain strongly identified with one sex; in 1987, 55 percent of federal white-collar women (or men) would have needed to change occupations for the sexes to have identical occupational distributions (Lewis, 1990).
In the context of the developed class nature of Arab society (at least from the time of the earliest waves of expansion of the religion and empire of Islam in the first centuries after the introduction of the religion), it is important to point out that then, and now, poorer women were deemed less in need of protection and were less subject to the strict practices of sexual segregation. Lower class women, who had to engage in activities outside of the home to eam a living, lacked a certain respectability that came with the confinement and veiling of middle class women.
Similar to other sexually dimorphic species (Ruckstuhl & Neuhaus 2002, Ruckstuhl 2007), Siberian ibex demonstrated significant sexual segregation during summer months with minimum number and size of mixed-sex groups.
Terry's immense energy and enthusiasm has been imparted to numerous graduate students, trained in an area of research described as being"at the interface of theory and application with particular studies on sexual segregation holding the potential to completely change the way the sexes of moose are managed".