Sexual Liberation

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(1) That facet of the women’s liberation movement that focuses on changing societal norms and personal upbringing that places women in a sexually subservient role
(2) The loss of inhibitions regarding an individual’s sexual orientation
(3) A term referring to a person’s recognition of his/her homosexual orientation, liberating himself/herself from the heterosexual societal norm
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com/news/hugh-hefner-playboy-founder-dead-at-91/) CBS Sunday Morning's Bill Whitaker in 2010, Hefner had described the magazine saying, "We were there to ignite the flame that became the sexual revolution.
during a time of sexual revolution and beehive hairdos.
Subjects considered include RimbaudAEs reinvention of love, love in KhomeniAEs revolution, the sexual revolution of the October Revolution, free love and Leninism, Che Guevara and love, and the uprisings of Tahrir Square and Arab Spring.
Littauer's research demonstrates that these changes were a "distinctive transformation in American sexual culture" rather than an historical aberrance, and she argues that the shifts in sexual culture during the 1940s and 1950s permitted the sexual revolution to occur on a large scale in later decades.
Abortion is the final solution for the sexual revolution.
Four truths are emerging: first, the battle is not between gay rights and religious liberty-although religious liberty certainly is at stake --but between the sexual revolution and Christianity itself.
Susan Edelman presents a fascinating look at America's current dating culture in Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women, offering solutions to a number of worries women face when it comes to dating, love, and sex.
Yet this work is not a history of any particular organization so much as a study of policies and attitudes toward unmarried women and illegitimate children during a turbulent century of world wars, the rise of the welfare state, and the sexual revolution.
The complete interview ("The global sexual revolution and the assault on freedom and family") is available at catholic-worldreport.
The sexual revolution pioneers Masters (Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzie Caplan, above) are struggling with data, while his wife Libby struggles to conceive.
The festival, in its 6th year, has decided to include controversial subjects such as Sharia law, gay and lesbian literature and the 18th century sexual revolution, among others.
A second, more serious weakness is McLellan's failure to place the East German sexual revolution in comparative context.