Sexual Encounter

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Any act between 2 or more persons involving sexual contact with genitalia and/or oral mucosa
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If the sexual encounter was that bad, Banfield said Grace should have just stood up and gotten home.
The Lebanese man was having an affair with his countrywoman in Beirut in 2013, during which he filmed their sexual encounter and kept a copy of the sex movie.
She is said to have broken down after discovering at least 50 school pals were in a Facebook group chat about her sexual encounters with the England star.
The average length of a sexual encounter reported by Miller and Byers (2004) is somewhat shorter than what has been reported by other studies, also conducted with samples of mixed-sex couples.
Regardless of whether a seeker is looking for a one-time occurrence or a continuous sexual liaison, or the reasons why they engage in the MSM, men who engage in using personal ads for sexual encounters with married men are intentionally looking for a sexual encounter considered to be outside of the typical type of extra-marital sexual encounter.
That afternoon, Lewinsky said, she and Bill Clinton had a sexual encounter near the study.
Nearly all sexual encounters (89%) involved vaginal sex, and 9% involved anal intercourse; in slightly more than half of each of these types of encounter, the couple did not use condoms.
He goes from one anonymous sexual encounter to another searching for love and a permanent relationship, most of the time for the wrong reasons and in the wrong places.
He alleges that in 1996 he had a sexual encounter with Crouch at a TBN-owned cabin.
For sexually active MSM, insertive anal intercourse and condom use at last sexual encounter were compared by serostatus of the partner.
Neil Bravener took the youngster on trips to McDonald's, bought him treats and took him out in his car in the hope they would eventually have a sexual encounter.
Discussing contraception with their partners before the first sexual encounter and using dual methods of contraception also are associated with greater and more consistent contraceptive use (Perspect.