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Houellebecq's world is inhabited first and foremost by elderly, trapped and companionless individuals, depicting sexual dissatisfaction, unhappiness and hopelessness that occasionally generate aggression, self-harm or criminal conduct.
This difference in time is called the orgasm gap and causes sexual dissatisfaction among couples and is a big relationship problem.
The current study is the first to examine the protective capacity of mindfulness in relation to body- and performance-related cognitive distractions during sexual activity, poor genital self-image, and sexual dissatisfaction.
A recent study by Unicef India with International Institute for Population Sciences and other groups show that majority of obese women surveyed in Delhi reported sexual dissatisfaction and faced social stigma.
She said: "Infidelity is common among expats due to a number of reasons: marital and sexual dissatisfaction, sexual addiction, the thrill of 'wanting the excitement', social networking and general lifestyle.
31 marriage satisfaction was not associated with arthritis, but was related to sexual dysfunction and sexual dissatisfaction.
14] Furthermore, clinicians should enquire about the patient's level of sexual dissatisfaction, distress, and frequency of sexual activity.
But following the childbirth and for the sake of situation, this period is one of the courses of life of women that is accompanied with a high prevalence of sexual dissatisfaction.
A man's loss of control in ejaculation during intercourse usually results in sexual dissatisfaction for both the man and his partner.
The chief complaints of all women were vaginal laxity, sexual dissatisfaction, and lack of orgasm.
It has found the existence of OAB syndrome in continent women is related to sexual dissatisfaction.